Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My Pet Peeve

Pert Peeves... driving on the road has caused me to have a few of them. It seems most people forget they have a turn signal and well posted speed limits are to be broken but my least favorite is those who just don't seem to turn off darn high beams.

Turn off those lights A-hole,
you're not the only game in town,
the lever on the left
will turn those high beams down.

It surely is my pet peeve,
the way you blind me on the road,
screaming does very little ,
so I'm singing for you to turn
those darn lights down.

Turn off those lights A-hole,
there is cars all around,
no matter what lane they are in
you need to turn them down.

I can't see a thing,
even though I look away,
blinding the other driver
is an awfully dangerous game.

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