Wednesday, April 6, 2016


First Kindergarten lesson is not fair.

It would be fair to spend my life with you, to feel the moment like when I first laid eyes on you. It would be fair to relive again once and forever to love until the end. It would be fair to never ever feel the pain, the void inside when love is ripped from your life. It would be fair that only good things would happen to good people and only goodness would a dream come true. It would only be fair if decisions I could make would take back the years that seemed to be ruled by fate.

It would be fair...
No sickness in children,
no lovers heartache,
no storms of life
for a soul to partake.

No needless violence
and no traces of war,
no signs of darkness
and a lock on the devils

It would be fair...
if all could see the
beauty of life, the
magic of love that
reveals that all is

Blue sky on the grayest
of days and a warm sun
to dry up all traces of
gloom and rain.