Friday, December 13, 2013


Ten Years Old

It is a very important age,  a major milestone in my life. I think my own children miss the importance of the season. There comments of what they didn't receive as a gift , etc. I looked back on my own childhood and what Christmas meant. Christmas day brought it with a sign of hope, hope for all mankind and the meaning of faith. But in all reality it was a time of peace. I liked that feeling of peace, that connection to something far and yet close with Earth. The images that we retain in our memory are like clips that document different times of our life. As the season quickly brings the holiday near I find myself looking at life through the eyes of that ten year old little girl. Holding on to hope and faith and being grateful for the time we have on Earth.
I am reminded that yesterday is gone and tomorrow will be nothing like today. Each day is a representation of the gift of life. May your Christmas be filled with hope , faith and peace in the tomorrows that await you.

Lights that glitter,
sparkle everywhere,
a celebration of life
that we are here to

Grateful am I for
all the days gone by
and in hope that with
tomorrow you'll be
by my side.

Merry Christmas

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Forever Ten Years Old

Sunshine and rain make a rainbow bright,
blue skies and clouds a dream for life,
happiness and sorrow to spare reveals
the heartache that the heart and soul

Wandering through the thicket,
nothing belongs to you and I ,
we'll fade like the seasons
before us as we wait on
another storm.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

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