Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Price of Peace

Being a mother of sons, it brings war even closer to home. When my first son joined the military, I had moments of great pride in watching him return to the states from his many deployments. It was at that time that I wrote " In a Mothers Eyes" My fourth born Nicholas is now in the Marines at Parris Island and I find myself again with mixed emotions.

In this world there is surely a clear view of the good and bad. It is amazing that if someone believes it so, deems it worthy, they themselves can declare that their fight is right. I can't I imagine how the taking of innocent lives in any form can have any righteous tone to it at all. There are times that like a rat backed into a corner we fight to defend and even still it leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

Imagine for one moment a world without greed, absent of power, void of hate, erased of despair and no fear in the air. Working together to better the earth, to help the weak and nourish from birth. Reach to the heavens and through the universe explore, the notion that beyond what we know there is so much more.

From the first time I held him,
to the first smile on his face,
I knew that he would mature
and he would find his place.

Behind my eyes are tears, for that
which we have no control. Man
always thinks he's right, well
we know that's not always so.

Defense may be an option that
we must uphold, but I think
some how greed is what makes
this world so cold.

Strengthen the spirit, cleanse the mind, and build upon the heart, to create what love defines. Happiness and joy, the beauty of the day, the magic of life that brings unity in the most amazing way.

Balance is the key for it
unlocks the insight to reality.

The reality of it is that we have one perfect planet
called earth with less than perfect inhabitants.


The other side of the journey,
if we lay like lambs,
we welcome the slaughter.

Oh Lord, keep him safe he is young and naive, he stands brave to protect us as many of are so weak. Decisions are many, made by a man, to defend the freedoms across the land.

Every letter I have written, everyone I've recieved, is imprinted with the spirit and tomorrows dreams. Every song I sing, every song that is sung back, is filled with reminders of how to live and laugh.

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