Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My heart has seen...

I looked up the definition for Love, the urban dictionary is colorful to say the least. There were so many ways for people to define what love meant to them. Because there are many ways to love and be loved, I can only describe it as a unfinished puzzle and as each piece is snapped in place we get a better view of love.
I spoke of the darkness and the power of the night sky as the pain of distance revealed itself in tears of my heart. I whispered of the ache and the loneliness that transpired, for you my love had lit the spark that set my heart on fire.

This my heart I give to you,

with the sun,

the star and

the sky of blue


I came here to close the gap of distance

and bring close the warmth of love.


If you can, catch me now, as the star falls, so does my

heart, lost and without direction.

If you can, catch me now.

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