Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It's one of those days that I have to think of the words I have written for so many on death. Mixed emotions surface as I try to understand my own grief over the passing of my father. Initially I reminded myself that he lived a long life but that was of no consolation as feelings of guilt, that I might not have done enough or never had the chance to say goodbye.
There was a distance between us, he was a troubled soul who never truly found the freedom that he so desired. A feeling of sickness that I had not expected has touched me, the man who taught me to love music, to play baseball, to listen and to think and most of all in his most troubling moments he taught me compassion, this man has left this earth.
My tears are simply of not being able to say goodbye to the first person who guided and protected me the best he could....so to you father rest peacefully, as your spirit is caught blowing in the wind.

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